Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't Do Me Any Favors, DAN

DAN, Divers Alert Network, has been around since the 80's providing emergency assurance and insurance for divers worldwide. It was founded by Dr. Peter B. Bennett, a researcher of the effects of pressure on the cardiovascular system. In 1990, the organization became a bonafied IRS non-profit associated with Duke Medical Center. Over time, DAN's insurance offerings expanded alongside the growth of the organization. Through its growing membership and insurance programs, DAN collected data on divers for research and, I will presume, to better inform risk calculations for insurance rates.

Thanks to DAN's efforts in aiding divers everywhere (and its Senior Research Director Petar Denoble), Munich Re has announced that they are now able to incorporate recreational diving risk into life insurance rates. Munich Re notes that

According to the Denoble study, the main cause of death among divers in the over-50 age group is a cardiac event, while drowning ranks highest in the under-50 group. In its current MIRA revision, Munich Re reflects the significantly elevated cardiac risk among divers aged 50 or more. Given the increasing popularity of diving among the elderly, this risk adjustment has been gaining additional importance.s during the years 2000 to 2006 were analysed. The fatalities were placed in relation to the number of divers, their age and their gender.
Think you are finally old enough to have the time and money to fund your beloved diving habit? You might have to check with your agent.

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