Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Reattempt to Show Citizen Account Data in Some Useful Way

Some time ago, I had data up on this blog regarding Citizens policies.  The data was taken from the Company website, particularly their "Snapshots."  I don't think that the way I presented the data was all that helpful to me or to anyone else.  I am reattempting here.  All dollar values are adjusted for inflation into 2011 values.  Year 2003 = 100.

Some notable things are that the total number of policies in the Coastal account has remained fairly constant, yet exposure and premiums have increased by about 50% since 2003.  However, while the PLA policy count and exposure has increased by ~200%, premiums are similar to what they were in 2003.  The CLA policy count and exposure peaked dramatically in 2007 and has since decreased.  In 2011, although policies and exposure were about 100% greater than they were in 2003, premiums are roughly the same as they were in 2003.

5/7/12- It has been pointed out to me that one way to consider the premium and policy count data is that premium decisions precede policy counts.  That is, when the government suppresses Citizens's rates, policies increase.  When citizen's policies are allowed to increase, policies decrease.  Hence, the seemingly inverse relationship between policy counts and premiums.

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