Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wilmington Op- Ed: When science meets politics

As I work on a new website, I'll just update here.  

I have an op-ed in the Wilmington Star News.

The article reflects on the much anticipated and debated update of the 2010 North Carolina Sea-Level Rise Assessment Report.  The update has entered into a year long scientific review/negotiation process. The finalized version is expected in 2016...just in time for the next gubernatorial race.  

My op-ed argues that the issues at stake in coastal development are far greater than revealed by the political focus on the science of sea level.  I n order to improve the democratic process and ensure the public has a say in how their community develops, the conversation must move away from a rate war and onto a debate for the environmental, economic and cultural future of the coast.  Science alone cannot make these moral decisions. 

The whole article is here: When science meets politics

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